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Our Louisiana drug charge lawyers defend clients regarding the following drug charges and more:

We defend clients for the above as they relate to the following:


When you are faced with a drug charge in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, and you have a smart drug charge attorney like Carl Barkemeyer representing you, there are a lot of options that can be used to our advantage.

For a lot of attorneys in the state of Louisiana, they love to opt for plea bargains immediately, but we are different. We use it after exhausting the numerous options we have up our sleeves.


We Look at Every Aspect of The Case with A Fine-Tooth Comb

Carl Barkemeyer looks at every part of the case, down to the microscopic aspects. What evidence does the prosecution team have? We look at them and try to poke holes into them or use them to our advantage.


We Listen to You Narrate Your Side Of The Events

We believe that listening to our clients talk to us in Rapides Parish, Louisiana can help us understand what happened at what point in time.

From them, we can find out if their Miranda Rights were said to them while arrested or not. If not, we can use it to our advantage.

Not only do we do that, we also try to find out if they were legally searched and the objects seized from them. Without the right warrant, carrying out a search on a property can void whatever evidence they find in the building. We try to see if they surveilled you within the arms of the law or they carried out illegal activities.


We Analyze the Arresting Officers and the Witnesses

Some officers have been known in the past to be overambitious to the extent that they have done uncomplimentary things to make arrests. We look at the records of the officers handling your case to see if anything of such was done.

That's not all, as we go through the witnesses of the witnesses thoroughly. Have they been known to perjure? Are they ineffectual? What of the expert witnesses? We always try to be ahead of the prosecution.


Sometimes, We Find Out That the Prosecution Are Hanging on Thin Thread

Our years representing residents of Rapides Parish, Louisiana has taught us that a lot of officers pursuing drug charges have little or no evidence convening the drug case. They hope that if they bark up your tree, you will become frightened and run to the hills. As you run, you will leave evidence for them like bread crumbs that they can magnify and toss you in jail with. With our adept drug charge lawyers, we prevent you from giving them the bread crumbs.

When they have no substantial evidence against you, they have no other option to drop the case. Case settled. This is why it is advisable that you contact Carl Barkemeyer and his team of astute lawyers in Louisiana immediately you are arrested, as this will prevent you from dropping the bread crumbs that will allow them to build an ironclad case against you.

What of if you had given them the bread crumbs before you contacted us, what should you do? Do not fret, call the Louisiana drug charge lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer, and we will analyze the case.

We can always salvage even complex cases by using other options. When we have tried everything, we opt for the plea bargain. This is the last option we rarely ever opt for.

Before we use the plea bargain, we tell you what the hidden costs may be.

Never try to represent yourself in court because the prosecutors will use a lot of nuances and terms, and before you can say, 'Jack Robinson', you drip scarlet red of guilt.

A lot of persons that have represented themselves in a drug charge case in Louisiana ended up in jail for a long time because they didn't consider the last option – the wrong plea bargain. This option could have left them with a reduced sentence, and before they knew it, they would have been out, walking free.

Don't think that because you think you are innocent and your conscience is free that you will win the case when you represent yourself. Far from it, you can only be said to be innocent before proven guilty, and after the court has proven you innocent.

If you feel you are innocent and the charges were trumped up on you, and the court finds you guilty, you won't be able to avoid punishment of some sort. This is why it is important that before you think about using a court-appointed attorney, a crappy one or representing yourself, you think about your future.


Powerful Drug Attorney in Alexandria

This is why a drug charge case should be handled by a smart attorney that understands the psychologist behind getting a witness to come forward and defend you.

We also understand what the prosecution team may try to do to the defense's witnesses. Hence, we try to counteract whatever their actions may be. A lot of prosecution team would try to annihilate the character of the witnesses on the stand. We know this, and we can easily tutor the witnesses how to stand their grounds and prevents themselves into being intimated by the fierce prosecutors. We match the fierceness of the prosecutors with ours and give you a fighting chance to come out victorious.

Want a fair representation in court? Talk to Carl Barkemeyer if you need the best drug charge lawyer in Alexandria, Louisiana.

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