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Our Louisiana drug charge lawyers defend clients regarding the following drug charges and more:

We defend clients for the above as they relate to the following:

When a person contacts a drug charge attorney in Red River Parish, Louisiana, he or she starts to fear that he will be judged? At Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney we are different and believe in mixing compassion and professionalism. We won't judge you for calling us to represent you in any drug charge case in Louisiana, neither would we judge you for walking through the door.

To us, you are innocent until proven guilty, and we have to let the world know this, especially the court by representing you appropriately.

 The belief that our clients are innocent and the quest to let the court know this has made us become the best attorneys that Louisiana has to offer.

When Carl Barkemeyer started representing residents of Red River Parish, Louisiana, he ensured that his belief never wavered and this can be seen in his sterling track records.

For more than a decade, one can't talk about drug charge attorneys in Louisiana without ranking Carl Barkemeyer highly.


Every State and Case Differs

Opting for a drug charge attorney that doesn't understand the intricacies of the Louisiana state court system is a bad way to go. Though the laws concerning drug possession in Louisiana may be similar to other states in the country, there are still some aspects that vary. What of the court system in Louisiana? Our years spent navigating through Louisiana drug charge laws have taught us that there are different nuances that can be used to our advantage in court. We know how the jury works, what appeals to them, and what puts them off. We understand what makes the judges tick, and how the prosecution team handles matters pertaining to them. We have deciphered how hard the authorities work to put away people that are charged with drug-related crimes in a bid to clamber up the ladder of their careers. We know all these and have devised means to ensure that our clients are duly represented.

Since a large number of our lawyers are either residents or inhabitants of Louisiana, we try out best to uphold the rights of those Red River residents that are accused of a drug-related offense.

It doesn't matter if it is you currently facing the crime or your loved one, talk to us today at Louisiana drug possession lawyers of Carl Barkemeyer, and let's discuss how we can get you off the hook.


We Are Aggressive Drug Attorneys

In Louisiana, the prosecutors and authorities are known to be fierce when drug cases are involved. They put extra efforts when it comes to drug charge cases than a misdemeanor. This is why we match the aggressiveness of the prosecution team with ours. We have represented a myriad of persons that have had complex drug charges leveled against them, and the results speak for themselves.


You Either Walk Free

It doesn't matter the drug-related crime that you may be facing, is it trafficking, sales, possession, manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, importation of drugs and so on, we have your back. We want you to walk free. This is one of the results that we have achieved on multiple occasions. We look at every evidence that the prosecution team may have against you, which in most cases is little or nothing. We tutor you on how not to incriminate yourself more and offer the opposition the needed evidence.

If the prosecution team has a pile of evidence, we analyze them, and try to use them to our advantage. We try to see if we can fault them because of how they were gathered or who did the gathering. We look at the witnesses, and try to make their testimonies void.

When we are done with our investigations, we hope that you will walk free or have a minimized sentence.


Or You May Have A Reduced Option

When you are facing a drug charge, we try to explore a lot of options. Instead of you spending more than ten years in prison for a drug-related offense, we try to get ahead of the prosecution team. Our years of being integrated with Louisiana court system has taught us that we can persuade judges, with the right words, to allow you spend few months in a rehabilitation center instead of getting mixed up in jail. This option is used when we have thoroughly analyzed the case and noticed an ironclad case against you. We rarely ever do this because we always fault the evidence of the prosecution team, but in those few cases when we can't, we have a backup plan.

After a few months, you might be allowed to walk the streets without a criminal record hanging on you.

In other cases, we can opt for a plea bargain. By talking to the right persons, we can have the potential time that you spend in prison drastically reduced.


Drug Charges in Red River Parish, Louisiana Should Never Be Taken for Granted

A lot of persons that end up in jail for a drug-related crime are usually those that know nothing of the crime. You are wondering how this is possible. The judicial system is not always right, and there are grey areas that overambitious officers have used to throw innocent persons into jail. Why then do you think innocent persons, after spending years in prison, are released because new evidence was found to show that they were innocent.

At Carl Barkemeyer, we try to find that evidence to prevent you from going to jail in the first place. We don't want you to spend your years in prison, and later, it is realized that you were unlawfully imprisoned. Those years will be gone, and no amount of compensation can get them back.

This is why we are very serious with every drug charge case that we handle, no matter how trivial it may seem.

We never take anything for granted, and we always tell our clients not to. It doesn't matter if you are innocent or not, what matters is if it can be proven in court.

Talk to our drug charge lawyers in Coushatta, and let's give you a fighting chance you deserve.

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