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Our Louisiana drug charge lawyers defend clients regarding the following drug charges and more:

We defend clients for the above as they relate to the following:


Have you looked at the number of those currently in prison for one drug-related crime or the other in Sabine Parish, Louisiana? They are many, and a lot of them would have been off the hook, walking the streets of Louisiana if only they had gotten a great drug charge attorney, instead of a novice.

Do you know that there are currently a lot of residents of Sabine Parish, Louisiana that are in prison for what they didn't do? You may be shocked, but that's the truth.

Were You Accused of What You Didn't Do?

Sometimes, we may be walking down the street, and you fall into one trouble or the other? It could be drug-related offense that you didn't plan on doing. What do you do at that moment? The next line of action is to get a good drug charge attorney like Carl Barkemeyer that can get you off the hook. You don't want to be left with the authorities for a second without a smart drug charge attorney because they can twist everything against you in a second.


If You Are Caught with Drugs, It Could Lead To A Whole Lot Of Trouble

Getting caught with drugs come with a lot of disadvantages. Before you can say, 'Jack Robinson', you have the authorities sweeping down on you, trying to make you the poster child of their drug campaign. A lot of officers will do anything to get a win and pursue their political careers. Do you want to be the poster child of an overambitious officer? Or do you want to walk out of the court acquitted?

Do you want your case to be dropped for lack of evidence? Why not contact the smart Criminal Defense Attorney, Carl Barkemeyer now?


Is It Your Loved One?

It may not be you that is currently in a big mess for a drug-related offense. It may be your loved one. Instead of allowing an inept drug charge lawyer handle the case of your loved one, why not opt for a team of defense attorneys that have been in the business for long years? The truth remains that we feel sad when we watch our loved ones battle with the authorities for a crime, even a petty crime. Now, imagine if it were a drug-related crime. This can be devastating. If you want to heighten the chance of your loved one either having a reduced sentence or acquitted, you need the best attorney on his or her case.


We Look at Every Angle

Whether you stay long years in prison for a drug-related offense or few years or none depends on your attorney? Who is your attorney?

For years, we have spent years looking at every angle. When a client comes to us, we analyze every aspect of the case. We try to understand if there is any loophole in the case.

We try to prove beyond reasonable doubts that you are not guilty, and should be let go. How do we do such?

We run our investigations, and monitor the proceedings of the authorities. Carl Barkemeyer and his team of lawyers try their best to prevent their clients from being painted as the one at fault.

We do this by analyzing every aspect with our team of experts especially the forensics experts. Whether you are guilty or not, we will find a way of salvaging the issue.

It doesn't matter the type of drug offense that may have been leveled against you in Louisiana, with the attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer; you will be represented well.


We Listen to You

One thing that a lot of persons facing drug-related offenses do is that they are agitated. They want to be assured that they are in the right hands. The Many Drug Charge Attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer are dedicated to setting up a consultation with you. Your countenance in court or to the authorities can help you win the case or hit more nails on your issue.

With the consultation, we help to alleviate whatever you may feel and answer whatever questions that you may have. We tell you how we intend to handle your case to give you a fighting chance. That's not all, as our attorneys understand psychology and can keep you at ease to prevent your case from deteriorating your health.

The years that we have spent trying to defend our clients have taught us one thing; how a client presents himself or herself to the jury can make or destroy the case.


Drug Charges If Not Handled Well Come with Stringent Penalties

The number of years that a guilty person can face when a drug-related offense is committed is dependent on a lot of factors. One is the level of the offense that was committed.

Another is if it was done in a drug-free zone. There are currently some zones in Louisiana that are drug-free zones, and possession of a controlled substance can lead to long years behind bars if you don't have a professional drug charge attorney that can help alleviate the situation.

If you want to exonerate yourself, having an attorney that knows his or her onion is the right way to go.

Whatever the seriousness of the offense may be, we can heighten the chances of you walking out free or with a reduced sentence in Sabine Parish, Louisiana because we have the necessary resources to get it done.


Our Drug Lawyers Are Well Trained

Every Many lawyer that works with Carl Barkemeyer has the right certification, knowledge, skills, and background to give you the representation that you need.

We have had a lot of clients go through us, and many of them have been left very satisfied. You too deserve such. To be satisfied, all you have to do is contact Carl Barkemeyer, and have the our drug charge lawyers in Louisiana take care of your drug charge case.

The earlier you have great drug lawyers to monitor the case from the moment you walk into the station, the better. We can nip whatever they have against you in the buds.

Whatever the drug-related crime may be, be it trafficking, sales, possession of drugs or even running a Meth lab, we can help represent you.

"Great attorney - very detailed and knowledgeable.
I will recommend him to anyone and if needed I'd consult with him again.!"