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Theft is taking the property of another person, without permission, with the intention of either selling it or depriving the owner of the use of the property. Theft in Louisiana is a broad word that encompasses various kinds of crimes like grand theft, grand theft auto, larceny, receiving stolen property, shoplifting merchandise, embezzlement, as well as robbery. If you are arrested for any of the above crimes, you should consider contacting a theft lawyer in Shreveport immediately.

Sometimes, this crime is seen as a misdemeanor and in other cases, it is seen as a felony. What makes it seem like a felony or misdemeanor is dependent on the worth of the item that was stolen.

In many states, stealing an object that is worth at least $1000 is seen as a felony.


What Are Some Different Types of Felony Theft?

Like earlier mentioned, there are various kinds of theft and many of them are seen as felonies. They are dependent on the circumstances around the crime committed and the word of what was taken.


Felony Theft:

This is unlawful taking possession of an amount that is at least $1,000. If it is below that amount, it is seen as normal theft. You need to contact us, at Carl Barkemeyer, immediately you are arrested for this. A theft lawyer in Shreveport can help create a good defense for you.


Auto Theft and Burglary:

If you take a person's car without permission, it is seen as a felony auto theft and burglary.


Receiving Stolen Property:

Before you can be charged for theft, you must not be the one that stole the property. If you are caught in possession of a stolen vehicle, it is seen as theft.



This is the act of taking funds when you are in a special fiduciary relationship with the victim. This is normally done in the place of work.


Walmart Theft:

Usually, this is a misdemeanor charge. Commonly referred to as "shoplifting," this charge can bring prison time if convicted.  Cameras in the store tell a lot as well as witness testimony. We know how to keep clients out of jail for Walmart theft.


Prison Time

If you are charged and convicted for theft, there is a great chance that you'll face prison time. It could range from 1 year to 10 years. Sometimes, it could be more, and it will be spent in a state or federal prison.

Apart from that, you may be asked to pay expensive fines, as well as offer restitution to the person you stole from.


Common Defense That We Use

To defend our clients, we use the following defense:

The mistake of law,

The mistake of fact,

Lack of knowledge,

Mistaken identity,

Permission to possess the item, as well as

Lack of intent.


Don't say anything, contact Carl Barkemeyer

When you have been arrested, you should not answer any questions that you may be asked by the Police officer. The Miranda rights allow you to keep mute and ignore whatever the officer says. It is important to note that whatever you utter can be used against you when the case gets into court. They will try different means to get you talking and spilling the beans on yourself, ignore those attempts. They may say how they are interested in getting you off the hook. This should be taken with a pinch of salt. Many officers are interested in advancing their careers, and not getting you off the hook. They are more interested in climbing up the ladder by sealing more cases than helping prove your innocence. Ignore their words and ask to see your attorney. 

Do not behave in a bad manner to the officers. Do not yell at them. Do not threaten them. Do not say anything that will come off as disrespectful. Keep quiet and remain calm. Immediately you are arrested, you have the right to have an attorney present during interrogation. Under no condition should you interact or say anything to the officers when your attorney isn't present. It may end in tears. Officers are trained in the art of manipulation. When you mention anything, they twist your words and use them against you.

Ensure that your Shreveport criminal attorney is always there when any discussion is made. Under no condition should you agree to talk to officers without your lawyer being present. It is paramount that your attorney is around when any lineup or testing procedure is being done. If they want to take your blood, ask that your attorney be present.

Ask that your lawyer handle the prosecutors and police. If they want to give you a type of deal, let your lawyer negotiate the terms. Do not do that yourself.



If you know any witness that can corroborate your story, tell your Shreveport theft lawyer immediately. Do not hide material facts of the case from him or her, no matter how gory it is. It saves you from getting a deep pile of mess. Remember that there are lawyer and client privacy laws that prevent the former from testifying against the latter, even when there is a falling out. Whatever you tell your attorney stays between both of you.

Do not agree with a warrantless search. Under no condition should you allow them to enter your home because whatever thing they stumble on in your house can be used against you in court and it will be legal. This is because you gave them the right to enter your home.


How to Hire the Right Kind of Lawyer for Felony Theft in Shreveport

A theft conviction can carry a variety of penalties. In Louisiana, a felony can result from taking an item worth $1,000 or more without the owner's permission. The consequences can vary depending on the value of the item. A lawyer can help you understand the charges and craft a strong defense. This attorney can protect your reputation and freedom. Contact Carl Barkemeyer today to discuss your case. We're happy to help you get a consultation.

Theft charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies. Regardless of the charge, you need an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. A criminal defense attorney in Shreveport has the resources and experience necessary to aggressively advocate for your rights and freedom. A felony case can be complicated and stressful, and it's important to speak to an experienced criminal attorney right away. A Shreveport lawyer is a valuable resource for your case.

You should always have a criminal attorney present when you are arrested. You should never talk to the police without your attorney present. It's crucial to have your lawyer present at all times, including the blood draw, testing, and police interview. Your attorney can aggressively defend your rights and help you avoid jail time. You should hire an aggressive Shreveport attorney if you are facing a theft case.

Hiring a good Shreveport theft defense lawyer is essential if you want to avoid a criminal conviction. A convicted theft offender faces prison time, which can range from a few months to ten years. A stolen property case may also include expensive fines and restitution to the victim. A qualified attorney will be able to help you avoid these repercussions and keep your freedom intact.

A professional who is able to work with you to create a strong defense is essential for your case. If your case involves stealing a piece of property valued at less than $1,000, the best option is to hire a lawyer who has a high court-approved history of handling similar cases. An experienced theft attorney will spend a lot of time on your case. This is an investment in your future.

A good lawyer should have a clear fee structure and explain how the billing process works. He should also have a genuine interest in your case. A skilled attorney will have extensive experience in courtrooms and will be able to protect you and your rights. A well-experienced attorney will be able to protect your rights and get you a better outcome. Your case can be won with the right criminal defense.

A lawyer who has experience handling cases of this nature will provide you with effective and comprehensive legal assistance. He will protect your rights and help you craft a defense. There are no shortcuts when it comes to hiring a criminal defense attorney, so it is important to hire a competent and capable lawyer.

While theft cases are not uncommon in Louisiana, the penalties are much more serious than in other states. A felony charge can carry up to 20 years in jail, depending on the value of the stolen item. However, if you have a history of crimes, a felony can result in a misdemeanor with a six-month jail sentence and a small fine. A good theft defense attorney can make the difference between a successful case outcome and a jail sentence.

In Louisiana, stealing a vehicle without the owner's permission is a felony. Taking funds from a special trust is considered a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the amount. Theft is the most common type of criminal offense, and it can even land you in jail. If you've been caught shoplifting in a retail store, it is best to contact a local criminal defense attorney to discuss your case.


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