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With the strict laws of Louisiana combined with the fact that a lot of officers are eager to put more persons in jail for drug-related offenses, it is important that you have a great drug charge attorney in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana at your beck and call.


The Louisiana Drug Laws Are Strict

Lawmakers seem to be putting everything in place to prevent those caught with possession of drugs or caught using the drugs from going scot free. They have made the laws stringent that even if the drugs were planted on you, you still have to pay for the crimes. This is why you need to use a smart drug charge lawyer that understands the laws concerning drugs and their loopholes to get you off.

Overzealous Officers

The truth remains that a lot of police officers or those in authorities do anything to rise to power and this includes increasing the number of persons they throw in jail for drug-related offenses.

One thing is sure that a lot of persons are jailed for drugs related offenses, not because, they are guilty. They are there because they opted for a novice drug charge lawyer that doesn't know his way around the law.

Such a defense lawyer allowed the overzealous prosecutor and officers to plead their case amazingly well before the court, at the detriment of his or her client.

Carl Barkemeyer will never be caught doing something like that.

Tired of having to deal with drug charge attorneys in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana that are clueless? Try Carl Barkemeyer today.


Don't Joke Over That Drug Charge

One thing that you shouldn't do when caught in possession of drugs, using illicit substances or trafficking one is to think that it will go away. That's a pure fallacy. At the moment, police officers are so smart that they let you feel that they have nothing on you, in a bid to get you to falter, and at the end, you realize that they have a lot of evidence that could leave you in jail for a long time. Sometimes, officers may make you feel that they are on your side to get you to incriminate yourself. Once you are done opening to them, you get to find out that you have helped them dig a deep hole for you.

This is why it is advisable to avail yourself with a smart drug charge attorney, Carl Barkemeyer, that has spent years, getting its clients off the hook. His team of attorneys understands all the tricks that authorities have on their sleeves, and know how to checkmate them. Instead of using an inept lawyer that will leave you in a lot of trouble, why not opt for the best?


Our Clients Are Always Innocent Until Proven Guilty

One thing that a lot of residents of Louisiana, do not understand is that your drug charge attorney can determine how well your fares at the court. The defense attorney you choose can determine if you walk home a free man or with a reduced sentence. The attorney you decide to use can determine if you spend all your years in prison, dressed in an orange uniform.

Carl Barkemeyer treats all his clients as innocent till proven guilty. Have you ever come across an attorney that treated you like a hardened criminal while you consulted him? How did you feel?

Imagine using such an attorney in the law court; you are sure to lose. Why not opt for one that is interested in making you succeed than one that sees you as a criminal and portrays you like one?


We Understand the Loopholes of the Law

The truth is that every law has its loopholes. For years, we have spent our time mastering those loopholes to get you off the hook.

Want to increase your chances of getting off the hook, why not get an attorney that is smart on the loopholes?

Carl Barkemeyer's years have been spent looking for ways of getting his clients off the hook.


We Fault the Evidence and Methods of Police Officers

A lot of police officers go through unscrupulous ways to get evidence. Some go as far as planting evidence that will help the prosecutor win the case. This has left a lot of residents of Louisiana spending years in jail for a crime that wasn't committed. Do you know that a good drug charge attorney that knows his onion can help find out if the law was followed while gathering evidence or not? If not, we use it to our advantage and get our clients off the hook. The truth remains that a lot of officers go out of their way to flout rules and put a lot of persons in jail. Why do they do these? The more persons an officer puts in jail, the higher his chance of climbing on the ladder.

The same can be said for prosecutors who are vying for the position of DA.


It Doesn't Matter If You Were Caught with The Drugs

Do you know that there are some persons that were not caught with drugs have been jailed? Do you know that there are some persons that have not had any hard evidence linking them to the crime currently in jail? How did this happen? It is quite simple. They opted for a bad drug charge attorney.

Instead of the drug attorney to get them off the hook, he or she worsened the case; and left them with the worse punishment known to man.


What Drug Related-Offense are You Currently Being Arrested For?

Living in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana can be stressful, and having a drug offense claim on you can worsen the case.

What drug offense have you been charged for?

Trafficking/ Sales/ Possession/ Usage of Drugs:

Are you currently staring at jail time for trafficking, sales, possession or usage of drugs, and you are wondering what to do? Look no further; Carl Barkemeyer can help you.

Is it for creating a Meth lab? Or for fraudulently obtaining CDS? Is it for Imitation CDS distribution? Or Is it for possession with intent to distribute?

"Great attorney - very detailed and knowledgeable.
I will recommend him to anyone and if needed I'd consult with him again.!"