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Carl Barkemeyer wrote the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana.  Download your free copy to learn more about the criminal process and drug defenses in Louisiana.


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If you live in Louisiana, you would probably have heard that it is a wise decision to stay away from all the drug crimes that can be committed as they have all have heavy punishments attached to them. If you have defied this and have intertwined with a drug offense in Louisiana, then you have to act very fast to make sure that you get out unscathed. The first thing you would need to do if you find yourself in this problem would be to get a good criminal defense attorney. You would find Mr. Barkemeyer fits this role perfectly. With his immense experience coming from working on different cases and for so many years have practiced as a lawyer.

Mr. Barkemeyer is drawn by the need to make sure that his clients are happy with how the case has turned out at the end. With this in mind, he goes extra miles in his quest. One of the many things he does for his clients is to approach the prosecution to devise ways in which the charges can be dropped. If this is not possible, then he would look for ways to get these charges to be dropped significantly.


Getting a Drug Charge Lawyer in Franklin, Louisiana

When it comes to criminal charges relating to drugs, Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney offers so many services which would help you in your defense against any charge which would be thrown at you in Franklin, Louisiana. Some of the services which you would be entitled to when you chose us would include;

•          We offer services of defense if you are charged with the illegal possession of drugs

•          We offer services of defense if you are charged with the distribution of prohibited drugs

•          We offer services of defense for the creation of a meth lab

•          We offer service of defense for sale. This would involve the trafficking of any drug that is deemed to be controlled such as heroin, cocaine and so many more

We understand that the charges when given against you can make you scared and anxious. However, you can be sure that we would always be with you no matter the number of charges and the level or extent of those charges. We would also be happy to make sure that you are properly made to understand all that your charges entail through adequate consultation. We have many years of experience that we believe would come in handy when we have to handle the charges that come in Franklin, Louisiana.

To ensure that our client is treated properly, we have a variety of treatment processes that would surely impress you. When combined with counseling which we do, we have no doubt that you would find our efforts to please you very satisfying indeed. Our lead lawyer Mr. Barkemeyer is one who has many years of experience dealing with the procedures that come with treatment. Therefore, you can be sure that he would make the right decisions when it comes to your case and be able to make sure that you get the very best. 

We have no greater joy here than seeing our clients walk out of all charges as a free person. With this driving us forward, we would be looking to make things better for all our clients. This is what we are passionate about. Apart from these, there are other reasons why you should choose our services. One reason is because of the immense knowledge which we have concerning the charges that are to set against you. We have done our homework and would know everything that can come up in court. Some of them would include motions which the prosecution would want to move. We also would protect you from the police if, in the course of an arrest or a search, they use methods that are not prescribed by the law or are simply not in the best interests of everyone concerned. 

With our knowledge helping us and the sheer brilliance of Mr. Barkemeyer, we would be able to spring a good defense for you in court no matter how bad the situation may look.


Get your Drug Lawyer Now in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

So, if you are living in St. Mary Parish and you have been accused of any drug-related offenses, then you should contact us immediately at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorneys. We know that if convicted, you have to face a lot of penalties or uncomfortable situations. The matter would even be termed worse if you were charged for the use or distribution of drugs in areas in Louisiana which are considered to be free zones from the use of drugs. You would be facing a whole lot of trouble with a good criminal defense attorney.

You can put your hopes on Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney. We have a team who is experienced in dealing with the rigors that come with drug offenses. We have managed numerous cases relating to drugs and have the necessary experience to make sure that what you do is a success. Here at Franklin, Louisiana and indeed the entire Parish, we would be confident that no matter the charges which you are currently facing, we would be on our best to make sure that you are free from all charges.

We realize that no two cases can be the same in its entirety and we thus make sure that we treat each case as different with unique circumstances. We also understand that this is a serious issue for you. Therefore, we make sure that we treat all cases seriously even though they might appear minor to some. We take our clients seriously and would never allow them to suffer harm if we can help it.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you feel threatened or you have a charge of drug offenses in Franklin, Louisiana hanging over your head, reach out to us at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney.

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