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Did you just get arrested for the distribution of drugs? The Union Parish drug charge defense lawyer is here for you. Lots of people who engage in the smoking of marijuana, as well as, other recreational drugs are usually taken by surprise when the authorities suddenly show up and place them under arrest. Basically, their recreation turns out to be a crime and they get slapped with a federal charge or even a misdemeanor.

Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney defends clients in Union parish to come to the defense of residents who have been charged with drug crimes. For many years, Mr. Barkemeyer has successfully stood in the defense of numerous clients in Farmerville and entire Louisiana that are facing a misdemeanor, as well as, felony charges due to the production of drugs with or without the intent to distribute. With in-depth knowledge and experience on how the drug crime law functions in Louisiana, your case will be taken up by lawyers that are dedicated to seeing you get the best positive results. Our attorneys have the necessary experience that is needed to ensure that your narcotics offenses exposure is minimized significantly and to detect flaws in any evidence that is presented against you.

At Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney power primary practice area includes criminal defense law and we have been dedicated to doing this for over a decade. You should give us the opportunity to uphold legal rights in court to ensure that you maintain a clean record. It is important that you quickly reach out to qualified drug charge attorneys as soon as you get arrested by the police for drug crimes.


Protecting your rights in Farmerville for many years

It is very wrong for you to delay and expect that the outcome will be favorable all by itself. You must take the necessary steps needed to ensure that your case does not get out of hand. If you delay, the police, as well as, the prosecutor will have the needed head start to nail you. Simply contact us if you happen to come under investigation or already arrested with a charge placed on you regards to drug crimes in Farmerville. We adequately represent clients who have been charged with the following crimes –

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Intent to distribute
  • Cultivation or manufacture of drugs
  • Charges that have to do with heroin and cocaine
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Driving under the influence
  • Illegal drugs possession

We are highly trained to detect when illegal evidence has been gathered against you by the police. Most of the time, must drug crime cases are dismissed or the punishments reduced if it is found that your rights were violated in the process of being arrested and charged. The manner in which you are stopped, arrested, or even searched by the police can result in your case being dismissed. As highly trained attorneys, we know every restriction that is banging on both the police, as well as, the prosecutor with respect to your constitutional rights. With this in-depth knowledge, we have been able to help numerous clients in union parish to get the justice that they deserve. We wish to do the same for you too, so, simply reach out to us and we’ll set up a consultation session with you immediately. When the prosecutors fail in their duties, it is our job to detect it and use it in your favor. Let Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney step in and do what we do best, which is, to stand in your defense.

When you contact us, your case will be evaluated by our highly trained lawyers for free. it is, therefore, important that you reach out to us early enough in other to stand a good chance of having an outcome that is very favorable. Contact Mr. Barkemeyer without hesitation and we will swiftly come to your rescue. It is important that you speak to us first before you divulge any piece of information to the authorities. We aggressively defend our clients and provide them with instant representation because we know how difficult a drug charge situation can be our clients in union parish.


Aggressive Drug Crime Lawyers in Union Parish

At Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney we understand the severity of drug crime cases. We have provided legal services for numerous clients that reside in Farmerville, as well as, entire Louisiana. We have lawyers who are highly motivated and aggressive in ensuring that their clients get favorable outcomes from all drug crime litigations. Do you need a legal defense team to come to your rescue? Is your loved one involved in drug trafficking charges? Does anyone you know currently have a drug crime charge slapped against them? If any of the above situations apply to you, then, contact us immediately.

Prosecutors have a way of making the court to see you as totally guilty and the state of Louisiana is very aggressive when it comes to dealing with drug offenders. Your interests need to be protected and this is the reason that you need qualified drug crime lawyers standing for you in court. We have the experience and the techniques that will help to get you out of trouble. Even if you are found guilty, the punishment will be reduced to the barest minimum and this is the reason that we have lots of recommendations in union parish.

If you reside anywhere in the state of Louisiana and are arrested by the authorities for drug trafficking, the distribution of drugs, or even the recreational use of drugs, then, speak to us immediately. Mr. Barkemeyer is waiting to hear from you. Remember that you must do everything possible to ensure that you do not get convicted. Acting smartly and quickly will go a long way in helping to redeem your situation. Let highly experienced drug crime lawyers help you out today. Contact us to set up a consultation session with you.

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