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There are very strict drug laws in Vermilion Parish regarding possessing and using drugs. So, even recreational use of drugs can still put you at a disadvantage. If the authorities happen to arrest you in Vermilion Parish for drug distribution, as well as, trafficking, then, you need to ensure that qualified drug charge lawyers provide you with you needed legal backing to get you out of such a situation. The consequences that come if you go against the drug laws in Louisiana are very severe and you really do not want the prosecution to find you guilty or impose very harsh punishments on you. You stand the risk of being convicted and think about the impact it will have on your reputation, as well as, the lives of your loved ones. Then again, with a dirty record, you will have problems with securing a good source of income. This is because no employer wants to be associated with someone who has a criminal record. So, if you are caught in the net of the authorities for drug-related crimes, then, simply reach out to Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney and our team of highly trained lawyers will provide you with the best representation.

Mr. Barkemeyer is a criminal defense lawyer practicing in Abbeville and entire Louisiana. Drug charge law is one of his areas of practice and he has been providing premium representation services to clients in Vermilion Parish who have been charged with crimes such as drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, narcotics trafficking, illegal use of drugs, driving under the influence of drugs, and more. Getting drug charges dismissed is one of the ways Mr. Barkemeyer helps disadvantaged client so that they do not face the severe wrath of the law. Mr. Barkemeyer can help you too that is why you need to act quickly once you get arrested or charged for drug crime offenses.


Drug Crime Attorneys serving Abbeville, Louisiana

Since the punishments that come with going against the drug laws in Louisiana are harsh, you could reach spending time in jail if found guilty. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney has built a history of helping clients with aggressive defense strategies when they get charged with committing several drug crimes and our attorneys are highly trained and experienced. You have certain rights that you may not know about when it comes to dealing with the authorities in a drug crime charge and you will need qualified drug crime lawyers on your side in order to understand what your rights are. We provide you with professional defense solutions when it comes to drug-related crimes that are committed in Abbeville and all of Louisiana.

Acting without hesitation is important if our lawyers are to get a good head start in getting you out of your bad situation. We can help you in cases of drug distribution, the sale of controlled drug substances, the creation of a meth lab, drug possession, and more. Whatever the nature of your drug charge, you can be confident that you will get experienced drug attorneys on your side working day and night to remedy the situation. First, we will provide you with a free consultation service to listen to your side of the story and understand everything that is involved in your case. Then, will carry out our detailed findings in other to ascertain how best to tackle your situation. With our findings, we will build a defense strategy that will be followed through aggressively in court to give you a chance of getting your case dismissed or having your punishment reduced if found guilty.

We, also, provide professional legal advice to drug offenders to help them stay clean all through the proceedings. Also, we can help you with guidance and advice to help you stay completely free of drugs. This should help you to avoid having an altercation with the authorities subsequently. It is our motivation to see that your name is cleared and that your records remain clean. So, we realize how important it is for you to steer clear of drugs in other not to get involved with the police. For many years, clients in Vermilion Parish have come to us for legal solutions when caught up with the authorities and we have happily provided it to them. Your case will not be any different and we will apply innovative courtroom methods to work the system in your favor and get you walking out of the case feeling satisfied. Our strategies are unmatched in all of Louisiana and we are known to be aggressive when representing drug crime offenders in court.


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The fact that you are charged with a drug crime does not mean that you are guilty. Hot Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney we understand that a lot of people use drugs for recreational purposes only. You might, unfortunately, get caught up in a situation where you are deemed to be breaking the law regarding the use of drugs in Louisiana. Mr. Barkemeyer may take up your case and we will be putting everything we've got to get great results for you. However, hesitation in contacting us will only worsen the situation. You should not talk to the police or to some other authorities before you reach out to us. This will be a very wrong step and can limit your chances of getting your freedom.

We have techniques that we use in analyzing the evidence presented by the prosecution and we will challenge all of that in court. If the police happened to make use of methods that are not constitutional in your search and arrest case, then, we will challenge that. Then again, we have other lines of arguments that we can implement to make the system lenient in your case. That way, you get to avoid spending time in jail while saving your reputation from being hammed. Contact Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney for a drug charge in Abbeville today.

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