What To Do After a DWI Arrest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


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An arrest for a DWI can be a very embarrassing and exhausting experience. You may have spent either hours or days in jail waiting to get bonded out. You probably just want to not think about it and hope it magically goes away. Unfortunately, it never just goes away.

In fact, the time right after a DWI or DUI arrest is the best time to meet with an experienced DWI lawyer in Baton Rouge. Soon after an arrest, the facts you remember are fresh in your head. This may help by providing your attorney with necessary information that could help your case. DWI arrests are very fact intensive. The police officer has tried to put togther a case against you based on many little facts that may seem insignificant to you, but your DWI lawyer may find very useful. Your attorney will need as much time as possible to develop other facts and defenses for your case.

Time is of the essence right after a DWI arrest because you have only 30 days from the date of arrest to request an administrative hearing to fight the DMV's proposed suspension of your driver's license for refusal or blowing over the limit. Your DWI attorney usually will handle this for you if you hire him before the 30 days is up.

An experienced DWI lawyer will be able to discuss any possible defenses as well as other ways to handle the case. In the event you have a poor case, your DWI attorney may be able to direct you to complete a list of conditions that you can complete which can help with the speed and outcome of your case. 

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