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DWI: Driving While Impaired/ Driving While Intoxicated is the official term in Louisiana for driving under the influence of alcohol or any type of drugs, legal or illegal, that has made the driver of a vehicle inebriated and incapable of the duty of safely driving a vehicle. An unofficial term for this offense is "drinking and driving."

In Louisiana, as it is in other US states, it is a serious crime to be convicted of DWI, irrespective of what your blood alcohol level is. If you drive with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08% and above, whether you’re driving is impaired or not, you can get convicted. So, if you have unfortunately gotten a DWI in Louisiana, you can surely beat it because you have rights that can defend you. But before going into the steps you can take to beat this charge, there is one thing that needs to be well understood, which is that laws are meant to safeguard lives, not to punish anyone.


How to Beat DWI in Louisiana

Truly, prevention is better than cure. It is better not to drive when you are drunk, or when you feel you do not have total control of yourself physically and mentally. Louisiana has strict laws that are aimed at curbing crimes that are committed through drinking and driving.

The punishment for a DWI varies. But irrespective of the number of times you might have been convicted in Louisiana, a Baton Rouge attorney is a highly recommendable option to help you find your way out of the mess. Though a First Offense DWI would, of course, be easier to curb than a Third Offense, DWI lawyer in Baton Rouge of Louisiana is reliable enough to help you tackle whichever it is. So, if you've found yourself pulled over, here is how you can beat it:

1. Get a good Legal counsel

As earlier asserted, Louisiana's Baton Rouge DWI lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer and his team are reliable; though, we are professionals who work by the law. But there's a satisfaction we'll make you feel. When you have a good attorney to defend your charges, there's a big chance your case will be abated, or the penalties get significantly reduced. With hundreds of DWI cases already handled by us, our experience in the field can prove to be all you need.

However, when you get pulled over, it is advisable for you to mind your words to avoid falling into the trap of the police. They'll try to lure you to speak words that can get you convicted, but be careful; you can leave that to our care. Remember, the defense for a DWI case in court starts with the faults in the prosecution process. It takes a professional defense attorney to be insightful enough to turn the case.

2. Surrender the case to your DWI Lawyer and provide needed information

Surrendering the case to your Baton Rouge DUI/DWI attorney includes you giving the necessary information and believing in the service we are to render. Because what can help us in making our defense strategy is the information, it is important to provide them in detail. Having surrendered the case to us, you have little to concern yourself with, as we take responsibility to ensure you are satisfied as a client. When you hire us, we take care of the details to render our best service.

For instance, during a DWI arrest, the breathalyzer, urine, and field sobriety test are often carried out. You need to pay attention to these things yourself as these are areas we can frame up our defense tactics. A lot of times, the devices used to carry out these tests are not well calibrated, and there are mistakes prone to be made by the examiners which we can capitalize on if they are not in the required specification. So even if you fail the breath, blood and urine test, that doesn't mean you'll get convicted.

3. Fighting the tests

There are various ways the tests carried out to prove an individual guilty of a DWI can be challenged. To avoid conviction, apart from challenging the condition of the materials and devices used, the expertise of the examiner can be questioned, the procedure can be challenged, and the body condition of the offender can also serve as a strong point of opposition against the tests.

Tests can nevertheless be refused. Before a blood test is done, you should be presented a warrant, unless you agree to it yourself. The only reason why refusing a blood test may not be advisable is the loss of your driver's license or the increase in the length of the suspension that may follow as a consequence. The length of your license's suspension and DWI's penalties generally increases with the reading of your blood best. Again, this why you need Baton Rogue's DWI attorney to help you through.

The Field Sobriety Tests are other tests you might have to do. If these tests are not properly done, your DWI charges may be dropped or reduced. But you may choose to avoid these tests, also. However, if you are being pestered by the police officer to do The Field Sobriety Tests, try as much as possible not to be defensive. It is sometimes a trick of the police officers to find evidence to be used against you. You should be careful with your words and reserve confidential questions to be answered by your lawyer. Be polite. You surely have the right to remain silent.

Whether you have ever been convicted of a DWI or not, you need to know this: if you are under the influence of any drug or alcohol, but you are not driving, then you can easily defend yourself against any charge that may be said to be DWI because it is not really DWI. You may be intoxicated without driving. So, if your vehicle is parked without operation, then that cannot be said to be a DWI.

Who to contact? Carl Barkemeyer: a licensed DWI attorney in Baton Rouge can help you fight DWI allegations with his experience and professionalism. He might be the defender you need.

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