Computer Fraud Lawyer in Baton Rouge


Computer fraud, depending on certain factors is considered a misdemeanor or a felony. While we make use of computers every day, computer fraud according to the laws of the Louisiana is the accessing of any computer network, system, or any part with the intent to;

  • Either defraud
  • or obtain funds, properties, products or services by means of fraudulent practice, representation or conduct. 

Although most people may see this crime as one that they can get away with, you should not. Unknown to most people, defaulters or those charged with this case can spend up to five years in jail with or without hard labor. Depending on the amount of money that is defrauded, the punishment to be meted out may increase drastically. Like most of the other crimes, second-time offenders may have more punishments meted out to them.

To ensure that you and your loved ones are not sent behind bars, the best thing to do would be to hire the services of a well-trained & experienced defense attorney that is capable of overturning your situation around. While most people may not see this as a serious crime, you should if you do not want to spend time behind bars. Aside from the fact that you may spend time in jail, you may be made to pay huge fines that may take a toll on your life savings. Hiring the services of an experienced and professional computer fraud defense attorney would be your best bet.


Experienced and Well-trained Computer Fraud Defense Lawyer Baton Rouge

As mentioned earlier, your best bet, if you are to stay out of jail when charged with a computer fraud case under La RS 14:73.5, would be to hire an experienced and professional defense attorney to handle your case. The duty of the defense attorney would be to come up with strategies that will see you walk out as a free man or woman. When you hire an experienced defense attorney, he would first listen to your side of the story. To enable him to handle your case efficiently, it is required that you provide the needed information without withholding any for whatsoever reason. This will help him work and also file a case for you.

When it comes to winning court cases, strategies, points, and manner of presenting your ideas matter a lot. A qualified and experienced defense attorney will be able to present your case before the presiding judge in a manner that would sound convincing. To further increase your chances of not spending time behind bars, it is best that you hire the services of a well-trained, experienced, and professional defense attorney immediately you are charged with this case.  Do not waste time as this may take its toll on your freedom. Most of the time, it could take a couple of months or weeks before you are made to appear before a judge if you do not have an experienced defense attorney handling your case. Getting one as soon as possible will ensure that you appear before a judge in the next couple of days.

To ensure that you do not spend time in jail, you have a part to play. Your job would be to hire the services of a defense attorney, provide the needed information, and also endeavor to not talk when arrested by the police. Your silence could be used by your defense attorney to overturn the case in your favor. These defense attorneys have spent a considerable number of years in the industry and so are now familiar with the various laws regarding computer fraud. Their level of familiarity and interpretation of the law may provide them with an avenue to exploit tiny loopholes that may have been overlooked by the prosecuting side. These tiny loopholes when exploited are capable of turning your case around in your favor.

Currently, most people may feel that spending time behind bars for a couple of years is not bad in all entirety, this should not be your mindset. Spending even a second in jail will have a negative effect on your personal life. Aside from the pain, your loved ones will feel, it reduces your chances of getting the dream job you have worked for. Unknown to most people, when convicted of a crime, your information is recorded in the Federal or State criminal record. This record can be accessed by almost anyone especially banks, employers, and other agencies. This means that with a criminal record, it would be almost impossible to get a job. Even when you apply for a loan to kick-start your business, the chances of your loan application getting approval is reduced to the barest minimum. Things could go from bad to worse if you have been charged with computer fraud prior to this time. To prevent all this from happening, hiring the services of a well-trained, experienced, and professional computer fraud defense attorney is your best bet.


Penalties to Computer Fraud Offenders in Baton Rouge

Some of the punishments to offenders include;

  • Individuals that make use of a computer system, network, or any other part to defraud others will be made to pay a fine of not more than $10,000 or may be required to spend no more than five years behind bars. Depending on certain factors, defaulters may be asked to do both.


Getting the Best Computer Fraud Defense Lawyer Baton Rouge

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These defense attorneys are experienced and know all about the laws that pertain to this case. This knowledge will help them to find the minor or tiny loopholes that can be used to turn the case around in your favor. Bear in mind that while we do not guarantee success, our team of lawyers will put in their best.

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