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The moment you get arrested for DWI, it stays on your record as an offender and violator of the law. Just as other every other crime that can cause problems for an offender, DWI is one of the most problematic crimes anyone can commit in Louisiana. We all fall into one mistake or the other, but a DWI is a costly mistake that may cause you to lose your right to certain things.

A DWI conviction stands as a black mark on an individual's record. When you get arrested for driving while drunk, your life history is about to change, and I tell you, it's not for the best. A DWI conviction goes beyond getting pulled over by the police, making court appearances, and administrative hearings, it leaves a long-lasting, almost lifelong landmark in your life. Once you are careless to get a DWI on your record, you are grounded because it's going to stay with you like an additional qualification.

A DWI doesn't just go away. Even after you serve the sentence and every other penalty attached, it doesn't still go away. It may stay on your record for what is known as an indefinite duration. It comes to you to stay forever; it doesn't just go away. However, you can get a DWI off your record if you file for an expungement. You can file for an expungement to remove your DWI history from public records.


DWI Expungement

If you are arrested for DWI, things may get a bit different from then. Employment may become difficult; renting an apartment also becomes difficult. The people around you will have a different view about you because of a DWI history. The best way to go after a DWI conviction is to file for an expungement.

Expungement is a legal proceeding in which a person's criminal history is removed from the public record. Clearing a criminal record may not be the easiest thing to do, but it can make a huge and positive difference in your life. You will be needing the help of a DWI attorney in Baton Rouge to help you with your expungement preceding. Filing for an expungement can help to minimize the effect of collateral consequences and help you to clean your criminal record from the public. We usually advise our clients to do everything possible to expunge their DWI record.

To expunge your DWI record, you are expected to pay a huge filling fee. You would also need to hire an attorney. Carl Barkemeyer has a lengthy experience in DWI expungement and can offer you the assistance you need to succeed in getting your DWI record expunged. There are some eligibility requirements that should be met before you can file for expungement in Louisiana. You can request expungement if 5 years have passed since you completed your sentence for DWI. Ensure that you are not facing any felony charges while filing for an expungement. You should also ensure that you've not had any felony convictions over a period of 5 years. It is important to note that you cannot receive an expungement if you have another record expunged within the past 5 years, (although there a few exceptions). A DWI lawyer has good knowledge about expungement in Louisiana and can help you with your expungement eligibility. You can also do with some guidance and help in the process of your expungement request.

If you pled guilty and were sentenced under Article 894, you can file a motion to expunge after successfully completing probation.


Why You Should Consider Filing an Expungement

DWI doesn't just disappear from your record; it can stay there forever. You need to file an expungement to get it erased from your record. You need an expungement to seal your arrest or conviction so that they don't ordinarily get disclosed to any person for any reason at all. You need an expungement for the following reasons:

  • A DWI Can Prevent Your Job Employment

Employers won't give you a job without running a background check on you. When you are found out to be a felony, you may be cut off from getting a job. Even if you were only arrested for a misdemeanor, your job opportunity might still be narrowed. If your chosen career involves much driving and handling children, your career prospects may be greatly affected by a DWI record unless you get it expunged.

  • A DWI Makes Getting an Apartment Difficult

Conducting a background check is a common act among homeowners. Before a homeowner will conclude on renting an apartment to you, he will conduct a background check on your record; if you are found with a conviction, it may stem negative thoughts about you. This shelter denial can go on for several years if your DWI record is not expunged.

  • Car Insurance

Car insurance companies tend to charge more after a DUI conviction. Insurance companies do not forget to run a background check when your existing policy with them comes up for renewal. Even if you do not inform them, they have a way of knowing. You may also have to pay more if you are insuring a new car. A DWI generally puts a dent on your image, making you a high-risk driver. This means you will be charged more than you normally would pay.

It is important that you understand that some things are beyond the system of expungement.

  • An expungement will not destroy or permanently erase your records; it will only erase it from public view. Government agencies can still access your DWI record. The state has access to it for future prosecution against you.
  • It won't restore you driving prerogatives if your driver's license is suspended neither will it restore your right to have firearms in your possession.

A clean criminal record can determine a lot of things in your life. It is important that you do your very best about expunging a DWI record. Contact Carl Barkemeyer for assistance on getting your DWI record expunged.

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